Melancholic Mind

Forty past midnight
Phrases crowding my mind
Like headlines
Too quick to catch
I guess this is what they mean
When they say sometimes it’s hard
To know your own feelings
I watch the dots circle around
Thoughts loading
Emotions frozen
Since I saw you were on
And I remembered words from the past
I was fine before you sent them
And maybe I still am now
Or maybe the ice is about to break
And I’ll fall into the cold
I’m on this ride in the dark
Clueless as to the pull of my heart
While thoughts are loading
Inside my melancholic mind

Published by Cona Rose

Hi! I'm Cona Rose, a recent college graduate and a girl who loves philosophy, theology, and great books. My mind is a funny place - somehow both chaotic and systematic. I take a long time to process my thoughts, and I can't handle too many ideas at once. For all these reasons, I made this place for my mind to let out some energy and to try to better organize everything inside it. If anyone else finds entertainment in or learns from this content in any way, I'll consider that the icing on the cake!

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