Ray Road

Ray Road
You’ve got a lot of thoughts for me
A childhood friend in the driver’s seat
An old CD with a steady beat

Ray Road
In a suburb that I’ve known
It’s grown on me more as I’ve grown
Now country boy calls it his own

She doesn’t know ’bout him
The way he lived inside my head
She never saw the times
We talked like we were more than friends

She turns up happy songs
As we follow the small town license plate
‘Cause he still hasn’t gotten it changed
Since he moved to the city from out of state

It makes me think he’s still unsure
Like he seems to be about many things
Just like I am about seeing him
By the pull of fate’s invisible strings

Ray Road
Red lights make me stop and stare
How can I not with you right there
There is no ‘next time’, I’m aware

Ray Road
Innocent plans with mutual friends
Thoughts of words he no longer sends
No hard feelings, I pretend

I wonder if he knows
A year ago, who would have guessed
I’d follow him down suburb roads
‘Til a U-turn takes me homeward west

Published by Cona Rose

Hi! I'm Cona Rose, a recent college graduate and a girl who loves philosophy, theology, and great books. My mind is a funny place - somehow both chaotic and systematic. I take a long time to process my thoughts, and I can't handle too many ideas at once. For all these reasons, I made this place for my mind to let out some energy and to try to better organize everything inside it. If anyone else finds entertainment in or learns from this content in any way, I'll consider that the icing on the cake!

One thought on “Ray Road

  1. I shared this on my Twitter freed @MundusP because I have been writing poetry, too, and I see the need to provide support to other people trying to be creative. Keep at it. I really like this and it’s common touch tone. I’m gonna go try and look you up on twitter now. Thanks for the poetry!


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