September Sun

I should have locked it away
Should’ve closed my mouth
Should’ve had more doubts
Than already filled my brain

But my heart’s too strong
Carried me along
Sent me laps around locked bars
I could see right through
Couldn’t get to you
Sweaty palms and pounding hearts
How much longer here
Left to drown in fear

I once was almost positive about you
‘Til I tested positive for being a fool

My hair was up, like where you put my hopes all the months when you were gone
But the sky was blue, and that triggered you to look down and walk right on
My smile was pasted but the whole thing wasted – why’d I even come?
It’s been fun but it’s time to run from this burning red September sun

Published by Cona Rose

Hi! I'm Cona Rose, a recent college graduate and a girl who loves philosophy, theology, and great books. My mind is a funny place - somehow both chaotic and systematic. I take a long time to process my thoughts, and I can't handle too many ideas at once. For all these reasons, I made this place for my mind to let out some energy and to try to better organize everything inside it. If anyone else finds entertainment in or learns from this content in any way, I'll consider that the icing on the cake!

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