In the City

Thursday drive to see her again
August rays, a hundred ten
I was less distracted then

Heard from him, it’s been a while
Leave it behind just to see her smile
In my head, he’s at the top of the pile

Over-complicating mind
Alone with her, left to unwind
Where are the words I’m bleeding to find

Unexpected guys
And unexempted lies
Uninterested goodbyes

But I still wonder
Through desert roads I came
He’s about to do the same
My lips can’t place the blame
For the heartbeat under

I hear you found a new home here in the city
I hear you hit the road and left the country behind
I was told that I should see you, ‘cause wouldn’t it be pretty
To see the whole picture with the stars all aligned

I loved how much you wanted to stay

And hated being states away
But hearts turned blue and skies went grey

I prayed we’d have a longer run
It ended when it had just begun
But then again, God’s will be done

Twelve months since I saw you last
You came in slow but left me fast
But tear-filled nights are in my past

Things I can’t control
Dig a deeper hole
And slowly starve my soul

But there’s a reason
And is it Heaven’s prayer
That I turn my ear
To the fact that I’m here
The same place he’s in

I hear you found a new home here in the city
I wish I could be with you and see how we’ve grown
But you don’t reach out and oh, it’s a pity
‘Cause my friend says this tells us that you’re still alone

Unprepared to see you today
But am I wrong to run away

If it’s from Him, it’s hard to say

I hear you found a new home away from the fields
I hear you’re coming to me, but you’re coming blind
Until I hear from you, I’m keeping my lips sealed
I’ll leave before you come; out of sight, out of mind

Published by Cona Rose

Hi! I'm Cona Rose, a recent college graduate and a girl who loves philosophy, theology, and great books. My mind is a funny place - somehow both chaotic and systematic. I take a long time to process my thoughts, and I can't handle too many ideas at once. For all these reasons, I made this place for my mind to let out some energy and to try to better organize everything inside it. If anyone else finds entertainment in or learns from this content in any way, I'll consider that the icing on the cake!

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